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While it's easy to find a Word to PDF converter, getting your
hands on a PDF to Word converter, and finding a software
that can do both for FREE is a hell of a job.

Putting an end to your constant struggle is this FREE
browser extension that effortlessly transforms your
New Tab Page into an easily accessible PDF converter.


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Convert any document to PDF for free!

Designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle, the New Tab extension
provides one click access to sites that offer FREE PDF conversion for
any file types. Whether you’re looking to instantly convert invoices,
legitimate letters, bill of sale or simply convert word documents into
PDF, it comes handy in saving your precious time and getting the job
done in minutes. Simply click on the “ADD NOW” button
below and you’re all set to convert your documents.

Supported File Types: PDF, DOC, TXT, PPT, more.


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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Not with this
browser extension. Making work fun and interesting. This browser
extension provides quick access to popular websites based on your
frequent search visits. Further enabling you to increase productivity
and waste less to no time in getting your work completed and go on
with your other browsing sessions. Without further ado, get clicking
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Supported File Types: PDF, DOC, TXT, PPT, more.


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